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Final Report of the 2017 Forum "Strengthening preK-12 Education in the Verde Valley Region"

2017 Verde Valley Forum resource documents:

Preparatory background information for participants

      As a confirmed participant in Verde Valley Forum 2017, it’s important that you come well-prepared for the group discussions, so they will run smoothly and cover the subjects thoroughly.  The background information sources listed below have been carefully selected to help you prepare for a successful Forum.  We suggest you start by viewing the YouTube video, which provides a firm context for the balance of the materials.  Also, please note that the Arizona Town Hall report, Funding Pre-K-12 Grade Education (Item #2) has been especially prepared for participants in this year’s forum events throughout Arizona.  It is especially important that you review this document.  

1.   YouTube video podcast of Aspen Institute interview:

      Robert Putnam’s book talk: “Our Kids – The American Dream in Crisis”

2.  Arizona Town Hall report: “Funding Pre-K-12 Education”

3.   Finding & Keeping Educators for Arizona’s Classrooms

          (ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy)

4.  Arizona School Funding Challenges and Possible Solutions (+ Infographic)

5.   Proposition 301:  What you need to know

6.  Are Arizona’s Rural Schools in a State of Emergency?

7.  Who’s for Kids and Who’s Just Kidding: A 2017 Legislative Report Card for Kids | Children’s Action Alliance

8.  The State of Preschool 2016—Arizona Profile

          (National Institute for Early Education)

9.  Few Bright Spots in Conditions for Arizona Kids; Progress in Health Could Backslide with State and Congressional Votes

10.   Moving Up from Last Place in Education Funding and What We Can Learn from Other Western States

11.  List of Verde Valley School Districts and Schools*

12.  List of Verde Valley Charter Schools for School Year 2017*

13. Private Schools within 25 Miles of ZIP Code 86326  (Cottonwood)

14.  Verde Valley School District and Charter School Membership & Budget Information, 2007-08 to 2016-17*

15.  Free and Reduced Price Lunch Information for Verde Valley School Districts*  

16.  Final Report from the 2017 Future Leader's Forum

*If you are unable to access this document, follow this link.

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