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The Board of Directors assigns the Executive Committee the control and management of the affairs of the Forum between meetings of the Board. The Board of Directors may also appoint any number of additional exofficio members of the Executive Committee it deems necessary to help conduct our affairs

From L-R: Russell Moker, Barbara Waak, Dick Dahl, Darla Deville, Dr. Jane Whitmire, Steve King, Sandy Moriarty, Claudelle Johnson, Barbara Litrell, Karin Ward, Marshall Whitmire.  (Not pictured) Andrea Christelle, Eric Marcus, Julie Larson, Al Comello, Virginia Duncan, Nikki Bagley, Steve Ayers

Board of Directors

One Year Term of Office - Expires 4/30/19         Two Year Term of Office - Expires 4/30/20

Steve King  Sebra Choel

            Dick Dahl         Scott Kerr

    Darla Deville                                 Gary Verburg

    Virginia Duncan                                                  Kathy Davis

     Barbara Waak                                           Larry Jackson

                Julie Larson                                                                   

     Russell Moker        

          Jane Whitmire                                                               

             Marshall Whitmire   

                               Sandy Moriarty

       Nikki Check

                                Erin Mabery

                                Carolyn Fisher

                                 Al Comello

                                 Karin Ward


     Executive Committee - Term Expires - 4/30/19

President - Steve King

V.P. Operations - Jane Whitmire

V.P. Forums - Open

Secretary - Open

Treasurer - Open

Immediate Past President - Dick Dahl

At Large - Darla DeVille, Sandy Moriarty, Erin Mabery

Committee Chairs - Term Expires - 4/30/19

Development - Dick Dahl

Research - Marshall Whitmire

Program - Sebra Choe

Physical Arrangements - Karin Ward

 Future Leaders Forum - Julie Larson

Membership/Social Media - Russell Moker

Community Outreach - Erin Mabery

Public Information - Al Comello

Participant Selection - Carolyn FIsher

Contact Us

Call Steve King at 928-634-2288 or EMAIL Us

Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs
PO Box 2226
Sedona, AZ 86339


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