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Frequently asked questions.

How are Forum topics selected? There are some standard criteria, (available on request), but current topics often select themselves — they have long-range significance and lend themselves to consensus solutions and actions. Every effort is made to select a topic that is both timely and relevant to the quality of life in our region.

How can I participate in a Forum? Although participation is based on invitation only, you may nominate yourself for consideration.  Due to our commitment to achieving a balanced demographic for each Forum, we have a limited number of invitees from each of the various incorporated and unincorporated areas of the Verde Valley, along with age range, gender, etc.

How are participants selected? Every effort is made to have each Forum panel represent an accurate cross-section of the community of the Verde Valley — age, gender, career status, group connections (or none), business, retirees, locale et al. We always try to have at least two students on each panel.

What is expected of me if I join? That's really up to you.  If you are selected as a participant, it is highly hoped that you will commit to stay for the entire duration of the Forum. If you join as a Member, you decide how much or how little you want to do.  We welcome new members and encourage them to become actively involved by attending our Annual Membership meeting or getting involved on one or more of our committees or seek a position on our Board or Executive Committee.

What are the benefits of membership? By joining Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs, you will be making a statement: "civil discourse matters." For over 30 years we’ve championed this ideal, but as Arizona and our region enters its second 100 years of statehood, we must redouble our efforts to bring fact-based research together with diverse perspectives and insights from all of the Verde Valley, its communities and its citizens.

Are VVFPA employees paid? They’re not — VVFPA is an all-volunteer non-profit organization with no paid employees. Every job is filled by someone who wants to help his neighbors and see the Greater Verde Valley maintain its quality of life.

How much does it cost to join? We have every level of flexible membership  to accommodate financial ability and personal desire.  You may join for as little as $25 or contribute more than $1,000 to become a Platinum Member.  If you are selected as a participant and you attend a Forum, you will automatically become a sustaining member for that fiscal year for the VVFPA.  We always encourage and hope for membership renewals.


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