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Our 20 forums have brought more than 2,100 people together leading to results which have improved our communities and the quality of life of their citizens.

1985 Forum 1, The Challenge of Growth and Development: Guided Citizens for Incorporation, which conducted campaign to incorporate Sedona.

1986 Forum 2, Water Quality, Quantity & Sanitation:Heightened awareness of problems from reliance on individual wastewater disposal systems.

1987 Forum 3, Growth Management & Land Use Planning: Stirred widespread action and consensus for professional approach to community plan.

1988 Forum 4, Assuring a Quality Future: Developed consensus for the new City on what a Parks and Recreation Dept. should be.

1989 Forum 5, Achieving a Unified Community:Volunteer Office formed to coordinate activities.

1990 Forum 6, Our Cultural Values: City formed its Arts and Culture Department.

1991 Forum 7, Environmental Quality: Greatly improved dialogue with the US Forest Service.

1992 Forum 8, Sustaining Sedona's Economy: Led to Regional Economic Development Agency, Business Retention and Expansion Focused Future.

1993 Forum 9, Building Community Through Citizen Involvement: The City newsletter was established to improve communication with citizens.

1994 Forum 10, Building Partnerships with Forest Service: Began new era of relations with USFS and resulted in founding Friends of the Forest.

1995 Forum 11, Congestion or Conservation -- Do We Have Choices?: Led to formation of Action Coalition for Transportation Solutions.

1996 Forum 12, Tourism -- Management for a Sustainable Future: Developed consensus that tourism is beneficial, but explored impacts such as increased traffic, signage, pollution and litter.

1997 Forum 13, Creating a Healthy Community for Children and Youth: Gave young people a sense of involvement.  Improved intergenerational understanding; helped Teen Center become reality.
1998 Forum 14, Issues and Impacts: Identified issues to be faced by Sedona in the next five years; also looked at the process and structure of forums.

1999, Verde Valley Forum 1, Regional Planning and Growth Management: Residents from all Verde Valley communities analyzed regional planning and growth management.  Began meaningful participation between communities and officials.

2000 Sedona Forum 15, Aging in Sedona: Analyzed challenges facing the elderly and resulted in forming a Task Force on Aging.

2002 Verde Valley Forum 2, Implementing a Verde Valley Open Space Plan: Gave a healthy birth to the Verde Valley Land Preservation organization.

2003 Sedona Forum 16, Building Future Community Leadership. Ongoing group discussions stimulated new leaderships for organizations and causes.

2004 Verde Valley Forum 3, Achieving a Sustainable and Diversified Economy in the Verde Valley, fostered re-establishment of the Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization.  This also saw an organizational change: expansion and conversion of the Sedona Academy of Public Affairs to become the Verde Valley Forum for Public Affairs.

2008 Sedona Forum 17,  here, and what kind of community citizens want Sedona to be.

2016 Verde Valley Forum 4, The Role of Post-Secondary Education in the Future of Verde  Valley Region, resulted in the formation of The Verde Valley Education Consortium and other positive contributions to the accessibility of post-secondary education in our region.

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